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Chat Notes from a session on 04/16/2007

We are working on some really cool stuff for the boxes of fun at Funko Fun Days 5!
Expect us to top what we did last year on Boxes of Fun!
Get everyone you know to get their signups in for FF5 soon...The earlier the better so please get
signed up today! I am currently working on potential contracts with South Park and Ren & Stimpy, so hopefully those
work out.Woody Woodpecker & Chilly Willy are dead in the water for now!
Still trying for Elvis, Where the Wild Things Are and Disney which includes Muppets!!
We are also exploring classic Rock and Roll ideas for bands etc... Look for us to make a big SPLASH in 2007 with our college licenses...Ohio State is on board now,
and we will hopefuly soon have Notre Dame, Florida, Michigan, Texas and many others. We will be
unveiling college Bobble Breeze, Computer Sitters(which are sitting bobbles that rest on your
computer monitor) and when you hit their head, a fight song plays! Also College Bobble Banks
with Sound and a few other secret things! We want to make the college landscape exciting with our
new Funko products! Star Wars baby, Star Wars! 2007, 2008 and 2009 will have some super Star Wars products. Look for
Mini's, Computer Sitters, More Ships, More 12" Bobble Banks and a TON MORE of 7" wobblers for 2008.
We are also working a few TOP SECRET Star Wars ideas that hopefully will come to fruition! So stay tuned! Funko is currently working on a few really cool TOP secret projects that will take Funko in a
whole new direction! Details wil be coming soon, but the SImpsons will be the first license to be
part of this super cool new toy idea! Really exciting stuff and totally new and never been done
before ideas! Also, we will be launching some really cool Mini Simpsons wobblers very very soon! These are so
flippin' cool! These mini wobblers are a new line for us, as we will explore a few licensed
characters and do them in a 12 pack POP Display much like we displayed Triple Treats(No tubes
though)...The first set of Simpsons will have a Mini Homer, Mini Homer Tiki, Mini Burns and Mini
Flanders in a 12 pack POP DIsplay. They should retail for around $4.99-5.99 per mini wobbler.
We will also be coming out with 4 mini Boops, 4 Mini Star Wars and a few more soon! Another new line are the computer sitters. Betty Boop, Tweety and Marvin Martian will be coming
very soon! These wobblers are designed to sit on your computer and have their legs hang over the
edge. Really cool way to pimp your computer! We will be doing some Star Wars, Simpsons, and
some other very very soon as well. We see this product hopefully selling into Best Buy, Circuit
City and office stores like Staples, in addition to comic book shops! Just a few things I covered!

Chat Transcript from Session on 11/16/2005

Brian's 1st State of the Wobbler Address

My 1st 6 Months

Ok...Thought I would shed some insight with everyone
on how my first 6 months running FunKo has been and maybe
add a few previews of our direction. Some random thoughts:
1. I love this work, if you can actually call making toys work.
2. We have great Funatics. All of our staff appreciates all your enthusiasm.
And FunKo will continue to give back.
3. After the next collector series ( WE all know it's one last GLOW MONSTER ),
look for some cool Freddy's coming up next.
Also look for some Spastik variations as well.
4. Not every product is for everyone.
Just because FunKo is making new lines ( see the Boop Car, Large Banks, etc .. )
We really do not expect everyone to like every product.
We just keep trying to bring items we feel are fun.
Look for FunKo to unveil new lines soon.
5. Did I mention we have some great Funatics!!!!!!
6. Have full artistic control is easier said then done.
A lot of your complaints in packaging, Bobblehead names etc.. are dictated to us.
But, I feel it is a good price to pay in order to bring
some really cool licenses such as Peanuts.
7. Ad figures, did I hear a call for ad figures.
Look for a Mayor McCheese coming your way soon.
Did I hear a call for a Fry Guy, or maybe Grimace or Hamburgler..
You say too mainstream, OK, how about little known Speedy, McDonalds first mascot!
Oh yeah, A&W RootBeer Bear, Toucan Sam, and ONE VERY LARGE Tony The Tiger!
8. Fantastik Plastik and Spastik news ..
Mad MOnster Party
Groovie Goolies
Duck Dodgers
Scooby Doo
and a series of our favorite GHOSTS, Underdog, Jonny Quest ..
should I go on??? And yes, Sean and Rob's latest Spastik are right around the corner....
9. FunKo will make everyone rethink what a car air freshener should look like.
Cardboard Trees are SO YESTERDAY....
Wait till a Scooby Doo Bobble Breeze is making your car
smell wonderful while his heads bobbs down the road.
Or maybe Speed Racer is more to your leadfootin' style.
Girls may love our cute Tweety, or maybe Taz or Yosemite Sam is more your style ....
Or maybe a Devil Hula is more your thing ..
Of course lets not forget our boy Rat Fink ..
Anyways, your car dashboard will never look cooler or smell better!
10. FunDays at Comic Con 2006 will BLOW YOU AWAY ..
Expect to see cooler exclusives, new characters, and way more giveaways.
Expect a HUGE PROTO TOSS to blow away anything ever seen before ..
So start making your plans....We are raising the bar this year!
11. Wilky and Rob are really BRILLIANT and Talented artists.
FunKo is in good hands with these two boys!
12. Still waiting for someone to actually come visit us at our new offices ...
Where's the love?? I guess no one wants FunKo treats when they visit???
13. Cliff is doing a great job spreading FunKo love at Lee's Toy Review!
14. You Guys Rock! Keep collectin' and we will keep makin'!

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